Friday, 7 June 2013

Blouse Designs

     A blouse used to be a loose fitted garment which covers the upper body of woman. But these days fashion industry has given a new definition to blouse. It is now a tight fitted garment which mostly covers the upper front part of woman.

     Every Indian woman seeks a great attention and detailing to what type and design of blouse to be worn with a certain saree. A blouse is such that with its unique cut and design it can alone make or break the entire look of the outfit. So, it's very important to wear beautiful blouse with gorgeous sarees and become the showstopper in the crowd.

     A Blouse is considered to be the best contemporary Indian tradition wear worn by Indian woman. In the recent times various designs and patterns of blouse have changed. Indian cine industry and also the television industry have made a great impact on the various trends of new designs and pattern of blouses. Even outside the country many Hollywood celebrities have also come up with various new designs.

     The latest simple rule about blouse is that a blouse must be simple if the saree is very heavy and the blouse should be heavy in terms of design, embroidery and sequins if the saree is simple. With its simple rule one can never go wrong on the styling of a saree and blouse.

      These days it has become center of attraction. As the grace of saree depends on blouse, its design, its fitting.The blouse could be off sleeves, mega-sleeves, full sleeves, quater sleeves etc.And also it could of different length. Some woman like a long blouse which comes till her waist,while some go for short blouse , depends on body structure and taste.To make woman more gorgeous. There are different styles of blouses, deep neck , halter neck and many more.

     Saree blouses designs fashion change with the change in fashion trends. Saree designs or patterns are chosen according to the body shape and height. Designer’s saree blouses are gorgeously popular among young girls and women.

 Neon Green with Embellished Sleeves


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